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Release: 28-12-2011

List of new features and notable changes for this release:
  • New filtering options in collision interface

New filtering options in collision interface

This release brings additional filtering options to the collision interface in AdOcean. The new filtering options let you search not only for campaigns by name (the complete name or just a part of it) and comments, but also for specific orders by name. Filtering by campaign name and comment works in the same way as in campaigns list of the main administration section. Filtering by order name lists only those campaigns, which contain at least one order with a matching name. Additionally, the extended view under 'Show orders' returns only those orders, where the search term is found in the order name (even if there are several other orders defined in the campaign and on the chosen advertising space).

Figure: setting on order level

We wish you a successful and happy new year for 2012 with this year's last release!