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Release: 23-09-2015

List of new features and changes planned for the upcoming AdOcean release:
  • HTML5 templates
  • Inscreen & Dwell statistics counted by default

HTML5 templates

In AdOcean we realize that HTML5 is the future of online advertising. This is why we have prepared 9 templates that support HTML5 creatives:

  • Billboard
  • Billboard + Brandmark
  • Billboard + Toplayer
  • Expand
  • Corner
  • Full Screen Overlay
  • Rollband
  • Toplayer
  • Footer
Currently, it is possible to upload inlined creatives (i.e. creatives processed by the Inliner tool).

Inscreen & Dwell statistics counted by default

Ad visibility and user interaction with ads are increasingly important for advertisers. For this reason we introduce the Counting Inscreen & Dwell by default option, which will allow for inscreen and dwell statistics to be counted by default for every creative.

This option is available in Account settings. Select the checkbox in order for inscreens and dwells to be counted by default.