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Release: 19-04-2017

List of new features for this release:
  • New options in templates: Responsive footer, Scroll, VPAID Linear
  • New version of passback code

New options in templates: Responsive footer, Scroll, VPAID Linear

Several adjustments in available ad formats will be introduced:

  • Responsive footer - possibility to set time to close and align horizontally
  • VPAID Linear - option Skippable will be changed to Skippoffset which gives a possibility to set time after which an ad will be set to skippable
  • Scroll- possibility to use HTML5 files, set time to close, add image of the close button, set size of the close, button, set background colour, positioning in browser viewport (aligned horizontally or vertically), delay scroll and creative movement (animation time), option of responsiveness, animation type (different kinds of fluency or fixed), action of the close button (simple closing, or moving to the top of the page)

New version of passback code

Below you can find a new version of the passback code. This version supports codes of external adservers which are pasted in embedded iframes.

(function () {

if (window.postMessage) {

for (var w = window; ; w = w.parent) {


aoFnctName: "adoPassback",

aoArgs: ['970x100']

}, "*");

if (w == top) break;




In place of example value '970x100', you need to insert the same value as it is in the case of passback enable creative.