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Release: 27-07-2011

List of new features and notable changes for this release:
  • Changes in global In-text templates
  • ActionScript 2 fix in technical specification for expanding/layer creatives

Changes in global In-text templates

We are changing our global In-text creative templates in this release, based on some of the feedback we got from you lately. We hope that these modifications make this creative format even more powerful and useful for your websites. The changes are as follows:

Excluding keywords

It is going to be possible to define so-called "excluding keywords". An "excluding keyword" prevents the actual keyword from being underlined by the In-text template if it preceeds or succeeds it directly. If multiple excludings keywords are defined, each of them excludes each of the defined keywords. For example:

  • keywords: car, bus
  • excluding keywords: broken, damaged

None of the followign keywords would be underlined, based on the possible combinations with the excluding keywords:

  • broken bus
  • damaged bus
  • broken car
  • damaged car
  • car damaged
  • car broken
  • bus damaged
  • bus broken

So in the sentence "I've seen an utterly damaged car.", the word "car" won't be underlined. But in the sentence "That car was utterly damaged!", the word "car" would be underlined because there is at least one other word between the keyword and the excluding keyword.

Excluding keywords may contain the "*" and the "?" wildcard characters as well, just like actual keywords.

Third-party impression tracking scripts

It is going to be possible after this release to add a third-party (e.g. gDE/gDE2) impression tracking script to the In-text creative. The tracking script will be executed if and only if In-text creative appears on the page (i.e. at least one of the keywords is found and underlined).

ActionScript 2 fix in technical specification for expanding/layer creatives

We have extended the ActionScript 2 code of expanding and layer type creatives in our technical specification. The change aims to avoid the rare situation where webpage loading is blocked in Internet Explorer, if the user interacts with the creative. The following piece of AS2 code has been added to the affected formats:


The updated technical Specification for AdOcean is available on this page.