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Release: 02-03-2016

List of new features and major fixes for this release:
  • VMAP - new placement profile
  • Changes in player HTML5

VMAP - new placement profile

Online video ads have been growing in popularity over the past few months. With this in mind, the AdOcean team is exploring the possibilities for further development and improvement in this area.
In this release we introduce a new placement profile called VMAP. With VMAP, video content owners can exercise control over the ad inventory displayed in their content when they can’t control the video player. VMAP is designed to use VAST ad responses to supply ads for specified ad breaks but other ad serving templates can be used (provided that the player does not ignore non-VAST responses).
The new placement profile is available to be used in master-slave configuration and can be chosen from the list of profiles in the Placement data view.

Figure: Master node's configuration

For VMAP type placements it is necessary to give information about: :
  • Max creatives in block
  • Default block duration time – this paramert is not obligatory
  • Time offset

Figure: Slave placement's configiration

Due to the introduction of the new profile, the following changes have been made in API:
  • change in the profileParameters parameter type to a string in the GetPlacementInfo command
  • change in the profileParameters parameter type to the (string;string) format in the AddPlacement, UpdatePlacement commands
The changes in API are backward compatible.

Changes in player HTML5

The following two parameters have been added in the „player HTML 5” template:

  • responsivity
  • close button

Figure: Player HTML 5 parameter's