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Release: 22-08-2018

List of new features and major fixes for this release:
  • Improvements in campaign management
  • New options in Period Reports
  • Changes in AO API

Improvements in campaign management

We will improve our campaign management model based on restrictions for placements. Until now, the model allowed you to display only creatives with certain formats and sizes on dedicated placements. Starting from this release, every configuration will be possible. Users will be able to add/delete a restriction to a leaf or slave placement irrespective of campaigns assigned to this placement or placement history. It will be possible to add a restriction on regular placements and placements with master-slave configuration, but only with a standard placement profile. Other placement profiles (VAST, VMAP, etc.) will not be supported yet.

New options in Period Reports

In Period Reports we add an option to select non-viewable impressions in the Basic statistics tab.

We also introduce changes in the Time of data section. Now you will be able to define time of data settings for video statistics. Please be aware that you can't select metrics from basic statistics and video statistics in the same report section.

Changes in AO API

GetTrackingScripts API command – If an ID in placementIDs is a folder (publisher root, folder or master), all leaves from its subtrees will be included.