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Release: 06-05-2020

List of new features and major fixes for this release:
  • Gemius CMP
  • CMP TCFv2 support
  • Max/min duration time for video creative

Gemius CMP

We will introduce a new version of Gemius Consent Management Platform that is compliant with IAB Europe's Transparency & Consent Framework v2.0. Gemius CMP is a solution for consent management in compliance with the EU's General Data Protection Regulation and ePrivacy Directive. Its appearance, content and the list of vendors can all be easily customized to your needs. For more details, please contact your local tech support.

CMP TCFv2 support

From this release, AdOcean will also support CMP TCFv2.

Changes will be introduced along with a new versions of ado.js and aomini.js libraries. The gdpr and gdpr_consent parameters will be respected in requests for ads (e.g. request for ad.xml in case of video ads).

ado.js/aomini.js will no longer decode consent-strings themselves, but will send them to the emitter where they will be decoded. As a result, parameter nc will no longer be sent in requests.

Max/min duration time for video creative

You can now set minimum and maximum duration time for a single video creative.

The following parameters can be set in request to the emitter:

  • mindur, maxdur - for all video creatives
  • pre$n$mindur, premindur, mid$n$mindur, midmindur, post$n$mindur, postmindur, over$n$mindur, overmindur - for VAST placements (parameter depends on placement type)
  • pre$n$maxdur, premaxdur, mid$n$maxdur, midmaxdur, post$n$maxdur, postmaxdur, over$n$maxdur, overmaxdur - for VAST placements (parameter depends on placement type)