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Release: 20-04-2016

List of new features for this release:
  • New templates - Carousel, In Article Video, Scanner, Slash, Rising Stars Slider

New templates

We will introduce a few new ad formats thanks to which:

  • you can show many features of a product in one view
  • your ads can stand out from the rest of ads presented on the website
  • your ads can be more amusing for users


Carousel allows to display 1-5 images or videos in one creative. Next element of creatives is showing for user with animation - emerge behind element currently displayed

Rising Stars Slider

This ad format consists of two elements - a banner attached to the bottom part of the browser window and a slider which displays automatically after user interaction with the banner. Belowe you can see how slider works.

In Article Video

The creative appears when is visible for user. The active creative expands pushing down the content and revealing the video. The creative expands only once for the user during one view.


The creative consists of 3 images: main, visible in the window of scanner and scanner’s image. When you move the mouse cursor on the main image, the scanner appears and uncovers the second image located under the scanner.


In this creative, elements (image or video) are displayed in one container and only partially visible. By moving the mouse cursor, the user covers or uncovers the elements of the creative.