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Release: 19-10-2016

List of new features for this release:
  • Inscreens and dwells in GetBasicStats API command
  • Changes in API

Inscreens and dwells in GetBasicStats API command

We will introduce inscreens and dwells indicators to command GetBasicStats.

Changes in API

The changes will not be backward compatible.

The GetBasicStats command will now work in the same way as the GetBasicStatsLite command. In the GetBasicStats:

  • We will add a new parameter called closedTimeUnitInterval
  • If in the timeUnit parameter you define time period beyond the duration of a campaign, then the BadTimeRange error will aprear
  • If the time period in parameters lowertimeunit and uppertimeunit is empty, the list of statistics will be empty
  • If TimeUnitName=Week is used, any day of the week can be given in order to receive statistics for a week
  • There will be a possibility of sorting by a given time unit, provided that the 'timeUnit' value in the sortStatName parameter is defined
  • If timeUnit, lowerTimeUnit or upperTimeUnit are used with condition timeUnitName=General, then you will receive status NoConsistence in place of BadParam