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Release: 17-06-2020

List of new features and major fixes for this release:
  • Prebid Server
  • Changes in placements scripts

Prebid Server

We present Prebid Server support in AdOcean. Prebid Server is a hosted or custom server-side solution for header bidding and can reduce latency between bid request and ad selection, and speed up the loading of your site and ads.

AdOcean adapter is now available on the list of Prebid Server Bidders. For more details please contact your local Technical Support.

Changes in placements scripts

We made a small changes in iframe and AMP placement codes.

Parameter previewid has been removed from iframe codes. Parameter is no longer supported.

In Google AMP codes parameter data-ao-preview will contain only true/false values.


  • data-ao-preview="false" - disables Live Preview
  • data-ao-preview="true" - enables Live Preview

Both changes are compatible backwards. If you are using data-ao-preview parameter with placementID data-ao-preview="My.7xln26BrxypiU4wNs5P5UABnQKqM6Z3YQqFX23Xj.s7" Live Preview will be enabled by default.