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Release: 15-10-2014

List of new features and major fixes for this release:
  • New eCPM optimization algorithm
  • AdOcean API update

New eCPM optimization algorithm

We are introducing a change as to how often certain creatives are selected for an impression on a placement when they are set to be optimized by eCPM.

This change is meant to allow the maximization of profits from selected placements. The new algorithm strongly promotes the best-performing creatives by choosing them for the majority of impressions. Weaker-performing creatives (even slightly) might receive significantly fewer impression attempts compared to the best-performing ones. Also, new creatives for which the eCPM value has not been yet estimated (e.g. CPC) or creatives with uncertain estimation will be more likely to be chosen for the impression. More details will be included in the User's manual.

The update applies only to eCPM optimization. BestPerforming optimization (based on one of the following indicators: CTR, AR, CR etc.) is not affected by this change.

Please note, that the change will not take effect immediately on the day of the release. The process of introducing the new algorithm on all accounts will be completed within one week. For clients currently taking advantage of the eCPM optimization the update will be introduced on 22 October 2014

Figure1: Creating a campaign – setting eCPM optimization and default order cost

Figure2: Editing an eCPM-optimized order – setting up order-cost model

AdOcean API update

GetCreativeInfo command receives few changes:
  • templateName new output field – if the creative is created from a template, its name can be now obtained directly from this command