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Release: 13-12-2017

List of new features for this release:
  • New option for frequency capping

New option for frequency capping

Frequency capping, available in AdOcean for a long time, works based on the number of impression attempts.
We now introduce a new option, namely – frequency capping based on impressions. This new solution will guarantee that emission of a creative will be stopped only if a user saw the creative ( an impression was counted).

The possibility to select impressions or impression attempts for frequency capping will be introduced in both campaign capping and global capping settings.

Due to the introduction of the described changes, the following changes have been made in API:

  • for commands AddCapping, UpdateCapping, AddGlobalCapping, UpdateGlobalCapping - a new parameter limitType with possible values impressions or impressionAttempts has beed added
  • for commands GetGlobalCappingInfo, GetCappingInfo - a new output field limitType was added