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Release: 25-09-2019

List of new features and major fixes for this release:
  • Campaigns' summary reports upgrade
  • Release date set for "Refactoring of campaigns and orders emission plan"

Campaigns' summary reports upgrade

Did you know that AdOcean allows you to generate a detailed report of your campaign's performance in the PDF format? It presents the campaign's structure, statistics and their analysis in a very descriptive way. This week we introduce its new version, in order to give it a fresh, more modern look.

Do not hesitate to check the report's new appearance by opening one of your campaigns in the AdOcean interface and choosing Summary reports from the left-hand side menu. Report is automatically generated after the campaign's end, but you can also order it manually anytime in the running campaign. It will be available for downloading within a few minutes.

Old reports (generated before September 25th AdOcean release) will still retain their previous appearance, but you can upgrade it by ordering the report again.

Release date set for "Refactoring of campaigns and orders emission plan"

Please be informed that in two weeks, on October 9th, 2019, we will introduce changes concerning "Refactoring of campaigns and orders emission plan". These changes were announced and thoroughly described in one of the last newsletters. They affect AdOcean API commands, so please review your API requests.

Some visual changes will also be visible in the AdOcean interface:

  • while defining plan for the campaign

  • while defining plan for the order