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Release: 06-11-2019

List of new features and major fixes for this release:
  • New version of Billboard template
  • Rising Stars Slider - additional option
  • Changes in Peel off template

New version of Billboard template

We prepared a new version of Billboard template.

First of all we will remove Flash support from template as deprecated. That means that Flash Version, Flash Quality, Display Mode, Background Color, Alternative Swf file parameters will be also removed.

A new template will contain following new options:
  • Responsive - enable standard responsive on the same rules as in other templates
  • Snow effect - enable snow effect (snowflakes and white glow on the top of creative)
  • In container sticky ad
    • Display - if checked, creative will be displayed inside container and will stick to this container during scroll
    • Title - title displayed on the top of the container
    • Height - height of the container
    • Background color - color of container background
    • Color - title color

Rising Stars Slider - additional option

  • Animate from - new option that allows to set from which direction Slider will appear on a page. You can choose between bottom or right (default).
  • Flash support is being removed from the template due to being considered as deprecated.

Changes in Peel off template

From now on you are able to set an image for the element you peel off. For this new feature we introduced new group of options called Cover parameters:

  • Image - an image displayed on the element you peel off.
  • Resize scale factor - multiplier of expanding an image. For example - if creative will be resized by 100 px and Resize scale factor is being set to 0.5 then it means that mentioned above image will expand by 50 px. Default value is 1 so it means that the expand value of the image will be exactly the same as the creative's.