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Release: 31-05-2017

List of new features for this release:
  • New ad format - Masthead video
  • API localisation
  • Targeting by URL

New ad format - Masthead video

This week, we present new ad format in AdOcean - masthead video.
This format is very popular, it bases on connection of image file and video. Our template supports any position of video, thanks to you can build you ad as you need.

API localisation

As per the ISO guidelines, we close access to API via From now on, only secure localization will be available

Targeting by URL

As you know, numerical targeting in AdOcean gives many possibilities. This time, we add support of URL of webpage, so you will be able to display the ad depending on the URL of webpage. Our solution bases on referer value sent by browser in HTTP header field. In standard configuration of browser this information is sent, exception:
  • on page with protocol http, some https content is calling
  • turning off of sending referer value in advanced settings of browser
In order to use described option, you need to use function pageurlmatch in definition of numerical targeting, for example pageurlmatch(http://website_address.html)