AdOcean development newsletters



Release: 08-05-2019

List of new features and major fixes for this release:
  • Statistics - summary view
  • Update in AdOcean API
  • Old API commands deletion - reminder
  • New parameter in Viewable sticky ad template

Statistics - summary view

We present a refreshed view of a campaign statistics summary. From now on, at the top of this view you will see a chart presenting 3 main indicators: impressions, reach and clicks.

A scale for impressions and reach is present on the left-hand side of the chart, while scale for clicks is available on the right-hand side. You can enable and disable particular indicators on the chart by clicking on the indicators names at the top of it. The chart presents data for the whole campaign period, but there is also a possibility to zoom in a chosen time period by selecting it with a mouse cursor. The data can be displayed with a daily or monthly division. Time unit can be switched by choosing an appropriate button in the top right-hand corner.

There are slight changes in appearance of the whole view, for example in adding a custom time period to statistics calculation. Do not hesitate to check them out.

Update in AdOcean API

Together with this release, we present you some new commands available in AdOcean API and an update of one of existing ones.

New API commands

  • AddFilteredReport - allows to add a report in the statistics view for the custom time period,
  • DeleteFilteredReport - allows to delete a report calculated for the custom time period,
  • GetCostStats - returns cost statistics for the campaign (totalCost, CPM, CPC, CPA),
  • GetStatisticCreativesList - returns a list of creatives for a given campaign, for which statistics have been calculated at least once,
  • GetStatisticOrdersList - returns a list of orders for a given campaign, for which statistics have been calculated at least once,
  • GetStatisticPlacementsList - returns a list of placements for a given campaign, for which statistics have been calculated at least once.

Updated API command

  • GetCampaignStatInfo - returns 4 additional fields: calculatedVideoStats, calculatedInscreenAndDwellStats, calculatedRtbStats, calculatedSspStats, that determine whether the specific types of statistics are calculated for a given campaign.

Old API commands deletion - reminder

As announced in the previous newsletter, we will delete some old API commands. If you use the page, these commands have already been renamed. However, if you use any of them in the scripts, you should update them.

The list of commands with their current names is available below (old command -> new command):

  • AddTargetting -> AddTargeting
  • GetTargettingsList -> GetTargetingsList
  • UpdateTargetting -> UpdateTargeting
  • AddTargettingVariable -> AddTargetingVariable
  • AddTargettingVariableValue -> AddTargetingVariableValue
  • DeleteTargetting -> DeleteTargeting
  • DeleteTargettingVariables -> DeleteTargetingVariables
  • DeleteTargettingVariableValue -> DeleteTargetingVariableValue
  • GetTargettingInfo -> GetTargetingInfo
  • GetTargettingTypesList -> GetTargetingTypesList
  • GetTargettingVariableInfo -> GetTargetingVariableInfo
  • GetTargettingVariableValuesList -> GetTargetingVariableValuesList
  • GetTargettingVariablesList -> GetTargetingVariablesList
  • UpdateTargettingVariable -> UpdateTargetingVariable
  • UpdateTargettingVariableValue -> UpdateTargetingVariableValue
  • UpdateTargettingVariableStates -> UpdateTargetingVariableStates
  • GetAssignedTargettingsList -> GetAssignedTargetingsList
  • AddCreativeTemplate -> AddCreative
  • UpdateCreativeTemplate -> UpdateCreative
  • DeleteCreativeTemplate -> DeleteCreative
  • GetCreativeTemplateInfo -> GetCreativeInfo

New parameter in Viewable sticky ad template

We have developed a new feature in the Viewable sticky ad template:

  • Mute when sticked - when checked, the video is muted when it sticks to the window edge. Otherwise, sound is turned on all the time.