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Release: 11-10-2017

List of new features for this release:
  • New ad formats - Bubble, Slash HTML5
  • Improvement for Scroll

New ad formats - Bubble, Slash HTML5

This week we introduce two new ad formats.


This ad format looks like a notification in a popular instant messaging application.
It contains a gallery of images presented in the form of bubbles and the user can:

  • move a bubble with the mouse cursor or by swiping with a finger (mobile devices)
  • click on a bubble in order to be redirected to the landing page

Slash HTML5

This ad format behaves exactly like the Slash ad format introduced a while ago, except that it offers support for the HTML5 technology.

Improvement for Scroll

In the Scroll ad format, we will introduce the possibility to set the position of the banner (top, right, bottom, left).