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Release: 7-09-2016

List of new features and major fixes for this release:
  • Unassisted change of your password
  • Limit of creative file size

Unassisted change of your password

On the AdOcean login page, there will be a link to the form where you will be able to change your password.

After clicking that link, you will be redirected to the password change form. There you have to type in your login, old password and a new one twice. After confirming, your account password will be changed.

Limit of creative file size

In AdOcean, we will introduce a mechanism for controlling the size of creative files.
The mechanism allows to:

  • control details of agreements with clients concerning the size of files uploaded to AdOcean,
  • prevent overload of our or clients’ servers by uploading files that are too big.
  • Individual limits can be set for every main account, that is:
    • Hard limit – by default set to 10MB. This limit doesn’t allow to upload creative files exceeding the limit. If a user tries to upload a bigger creative file, the alert about exceeding the size limit will be displayed and file will not be uploaded.
    • Soft limit – currently not set for accounts. If this limit is exceeded, an alert is displayed informing the user that the file he tries to upload exceeds the limit. This limit doesn’t block uploading of files in AdOcean.
    • For every creative template, we give you two template parameters:
      • The attribute called max_size allows to define the hard limit (similar to the one described above).
      • The attribute called soft_max_size allows to define the soft limit (similar to the one described above).
      • These two attributes give you the possibility to control the size of a creative file for a particular ad format.

        Due to the introduction of the above limits, the following changes have been made in API:
        • new field maxSize in command GetCreativeTemplateParamsList
        • new command AddMediaFile