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Release: 19-12-2012

List of new features and major fixes for this release:
  • Confirmation for removing retargetings
  • AdOcean API update

Confirmation for removing retargetings

The system is going to show a confirmation dialog from now on when you attempt to remove a retargeting. It will make sure that no retargeting is deleted by mistake.

Figure 1: Confirmation removing global retargeting

Figure 2: Confirmation while removing campaign retargeting

AdOcean API update

The output of errors is changing slightly. Additional error information is returned only when there is something to report about (i.e. empty values will not be returned). The additions to certain operations’ error messages are as follows:

GetCreativesList operation gets a new output field:

  • creativesNumber [numeric] – informs about the number of returned creatives

GetTargettingsList and GetAssignedTargettingsList operations get new output fields for geographical targetings:

  • emitedLocationNames [alfa-numeric] and notEmitedLocationNames [alfa-numeric] – informing about locations selected for delivery and blocked ones

GetTargettingsList operation gets a new output field:

  • targettingsNumber [numeric] – informs about the number of returned targetings